Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm sometimes shocked that I haven't been locked away

I do strange things on occasion, and I am completely willing to fess up to that.  I once ran away with a hippie to the suburbs to build a pirate ship bow and it seemed totally rational at the time.  Which is why I'm often astounded that my loved ones are able to take this oddness in stride so well.

For example, I had a near mental breakdown when I realized that the Tron: Legacy dvd had been released.  I LOVED Tron: Legacy.  The entire thing is basically a two hour long Daft Punk music video, and I can't imagine what could ever be bad about that.  When I went to buy a copy, however, I discovered that the store I was near only had it in Blu-Ray, that movie format that I will never be able to afford.  I checked another local store only to find they were totally out of stock.  And that would be when the madness and panic started up.

The following comic is the exact conversation I had with my boyfriend immediately following the aforementioned event:

So, in the end I DID end up with a copy of Tron (and a free poster to go with it which caused me to do a mini happy dance outside the store...people stared).  And the poor guy that was subjected to all that insanity was then forced to sit and watch the whole film with me while I bounced up and down like a crazed five-year-old on speed.

He's just lucky I decided at the last minute NOT to buy the celebratory glow sticks to flail around with during the battle scenes.

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