Friday, April 29, 2011

Phase 3

Starting to tighten up.....


With everything mostly calmed down, I've gotten back into painting mode and a big 'ol thank goodness for that!  It's funny how you can sort of lose sight of the actual art end of things when you're focused on an actual show/installation....and the art part is the FUN part!!  So I'm getting started on a painting I've had in mind for a while and boy does it feel good to put virtual brush to equally virtual canvas.  I love the story of Icarus and Daedalus, I have since I was a kid actually, and it bothers me a little bit that images of pre-death Icarus are few and far between.  I wanted to do a mood piece of Icarus the night before he and his father are going to take flight.  I'll be posting this in increments, step-by-step, so first is the figure line work with simple blocking:

And starting to flesh out the blocking, heightening the contrast and sketching in his wings and the background gradient:

Also, just as an afterword...if you tell your boyfriend "Hey, would you mind um...taking off your pants, tying this sheet around your waist like a half toga and sitting in the hallway with an extremely hot light on your face while I take photos of you?" and have him just shrug and go for it...keep him.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Until the gallery show is over this Wed, there will be little to say at all besides "DEAR SWEET BABY JESUS AND ALL THAT IS HOLY WHY IS EVERYTHING BREAKING OH GOD THESE MATS ARE THE WRONG SIZE AHHHHHHHHHHHH," so I thought that beginning to actually write in this here blog-o-space would be a little tedious, if not grounds to have me put away in a little white coat if you know what I mean.  But then I reasoned, hey, this here is a pretty blank blog-o-space (shweet logo aside) and not so interesting to look at.  And then I came up with a solution.

So, until I am less panicked (the title of this blog is not a joke.  really.  stop laughing.), here is a picture of a cock..