Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stuff and junk

Really quick update because I haven't in a while.  Lotsa things have been goin' on and I've been swamped.  But stuff is coming to fruition against all odds!

First off!  The comic I'm illustrating, "Things Better Left Unsaid," is up for sale at
as well as in select comic shops in Maine.  You can order your copy right through that site and enjoy it thoroughly.  I'm not the writer, so you're better off reading the synopsis there.  I just draw crap.

Also, Time Flux pre-constructed decks are on presale (that's a lotta "pre's" now that I look at it) at
A couple of the cards therein have artwork previously seen on this blog.  It's also a super fun card game with a crazy in-depth story.  A lot of love went into the project and I highly recommend it.

And that's it for right now!  Working on paintings that may someday get finished (I hope) and end up here, but in the mean time BACK TO WORK!