Friday, April 29, 2011


With everything mostly calmed down, I've gotten back into painting mode and a big 'ol thank goodness for that!  It's funny how you can sort of lose sight of the actual art end of things when you're focused on an actual show/installation....and the art part is the FUN part!!  So I'm getting started on a painting I've had in mind for a while and boy does it feel good to put virtual brush to equally virtual canvas.  I love the story of Icarus and Daedalus, I have since I was a kid actually, and it bothers me a little bit that images of pre-death Icarus are few and far between.  I wanted to do a mood piece of Icarus the night before he and his father are going to take flight.  I'll be posting this in increments, step-by-step, so first is the figure line work with simple blocking:

And starting to flesh out the blocking, heightening the contrast and sketching in his wings and the background gradient:

Also, just as an afterword...if you tell your boyfriend "Hey, would you mind um...taking off your pants, tying this sheet around your waist like a half toga and sitting in the hallway with an extremely hot light on your face while I take photos of you?" and have him just shrug and go for it...keep him.

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